"Chicha & Cantera" Festival, Humahuaca valley.

Memories, resistance, identity, solidarity, happiness…

This Festival of “Chicha y Cantera” took place in a small village, called Ovara of about 750 inhabitants, accessible by mini-van.

Women and men from different localities gathered to Ovarra to express their feelings, through caja rythm, about currents events or everyday life.

The “copla” is a popular poesy accompanied by the “caja” or “baguala” instrument.

This music is an important language of emotions and strengthen their sense of belonging to their community. The “coplas” can be sad, happy, hopeful and very often engaged.

During this Festival, some family also offered their home-made “chicha”. An alcoholic beverage coming from the fermentation of corn. Nowadays, chicha is still very consumed in the northern provinces of the country such as Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán.It is consumed during special events and religious festivities such as during the celebration of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

For the organizer of the event, it is a way to gather some funds for this humble village & perpetuate the traditions.

For some people since the Humahuaca Quebrada has been declared Humanity Heritage in 2003, it has not been beneficial. They believe their culture is threatened by a mercantilist and consumerist life, which has nothing to do with the “omaguaca” values.

The meeting of “copleros” is an act of cultural resistance and a way to strengthen their identity of Andean people.

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